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When does Practice start for the upcoming season? What is the Practice days and times?

***We begin August 12th for A-B-C teams and August 13th for Flag teams.

For A,B,C Squads in August is Monday-Thursday 6pm-8:00pm. September & October is Tuesday, Thursday 6p-8p and Saturday 9am-11am

For Flag in August is Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-8:00pm. September & October is Tuesday, Thursday 6pm-7:30pm. Saturday is from 9am-10:30am BUT only for Flag Cheer.


When are Games?


***Games are on Sunday. Flag team tends to play first followed by the C team, then A team and ending with the B team


What Group/Club are you with?

***We are part of the AYFCL (American Youth Football & Cheer League) 


Is there any traveling for Games?

***Yes, there is some traveling as we play other close Town teams but there is no out of State traveling 


How does the Payment Plan work?

***50% is due at the time of sign-up, then the remaining balance(50%) is split into 2 more payments(25%) which is all due no later then 6/30/2019


Is there Fundraising?

***Yes, every season there is a Mandatory Fundraiser that every player/cheerleader participates in


Is there a Participation Requirement for Parents?

***Yes, without support from our families for Game Day we would not be able to have our Games. A minimum of 2-3 jobs but this can change based on number of player/cheerleaders for that season(less#'s more jobs, more#'s less jobs). Sign-up Instructions for these jobs will be sent once payment for the season is made in full. It is a self scheduling model that is monitored by the Participation Coordinator.