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Welcome to the Junior Eagles Football Page.

Here is where you can get the latest update on Eagles Football

Go Jr. Eagles Football!


Football Week of October 18th

Tackle A-B-C: Tuesday 10/19 and Thursday 10/21 from 6:00-8:00pm 

                         Saturday 10/22 from 9:00am-11:00am

Location: Iroquois Middle School



What Tackle players wear: Full practice uniform which includes:

** Helmet, Shoulder pads, Yellow Practice Pants & Red Belt, Integrated Girdle, Protective Cup, Mouthpieces, Cleats

Plenty of Water bottles/containers clearly labeled with name




Sunday Jr. Eagles Football

October 24th home vs Chili

Location: IHS Turf


C Game: Starts at 11:00am. Arrival Time: 9:30am

A Game: Starts at 1:00pm. Arrival Time: 11:30am

B Game: Starts at 3:00pm. Arrival time: 1:30pm


What to Wear:  All players are expected to be in full uniform upon arrival.

•            Tackle Football: Game jersey and Blue game pants and yellow belt, helmet, mouthpiece and all other protective equipment, gold socks and rubber molded cleats.


Water only (no colored or sugar based drinks)

- No seeds, food or snacks on the turf

- Only players, Coaches, Board members and necessary game volunteers are allowed on the fields





Rest of the 2021 Jr. Eagles Football Schedule


Sunday, October 31st: Playoff Games…A-B-C Teams Only

Sunday, November 7th: Championship Games..Winners of 1v4 and 2vs3


Team Parents

A Football: Danielle Vandenberg

B Football: Nora McCullough & Andrea Gallagher

C Football: Amy Coniglio & Kathleen Maier

Flag Football: Rachael Thore


Weather Reminder:

·       In the case of thunder AND lightning, as well as extreme heat, the Executive Board will make decisions about delaying or cancelling a practice.

·       If the delay/cancel is before practice begins, we will communicate via social media. If a delay occurs during practice, all players and spectators will go to their cars and wait. Do not leave until instructed to. Attendance is taken before and after. There is a 30 minute “all-clear” window we must abide by, so sometimes delays can be lengthy or could cause a cancel.

·       If the delay/cancel is due to extreme heat, instructions will be driven by NYSPHSAA guidelines.

·       All weather-related issues will also be reported real-time on the Main Jr. Eagles Facebook page. It is the quickest, most readily available tool we use.


Informational Facebook Pages

Make sure to find us on Facebook on the following pages below if you are not part of our Junior Eagles Family (Click on team to go to that Facebook Page)

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