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Hello and welcome to the Irondequoit Junior Eagles Cheer page.


Here is where you can find important information about the

2019 Cheer Season. GO Eagles Cheer!



Cheer Week of October 14th

A-B-C: Tuesday 10/15 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Location: Rogers Middle School Gym

             Thursday 10/17 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Location: Dake Jr. High School Gym

             Friday 10/18 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Location: Dake Jr. High School Gym


Flag:    Tuesday 10/15 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Location: Rogers Middle School Gym

             Thursday 10/17 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Location: Dake Jr. High School Gym

              Friday 10/18 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Location: Dake Jr. High School Gym

NOTE: Friday, 10/18 is the last Cheer practice. Flag Cheer's last game to Cheer is 10/20. Flag season is iover 10/20. A-B-C teams will still cheer for games that B and C have games, including playoffs and championship.


Additional Reminders:

·       Athletic sneakers and socks are a must.  Your child will NOT be able to practice without either of those.

·       Hair should be up and out of their face.

·       Practice shirts.

·       Please bring plenty of water as cheerleaders will be given several water breaks during practice.

·       The practices are "closed" practices. No parents are allowed inside. Please drop off your child and you can pick them up when practice is over. 


Upcoming Events and News


Next Jr. Eagles Football Game

Sunday, October 20th, Home vs Northwest

Location: IHS Turf

Flag Team: Game at 9am. Arrive at 8:30am

·       C Team: Game at 11:00am. Arrive at 10:00am

·       B Team: Game at 1:00pm. Arrive at 12:00pm (This includes A Cheerleaders)



Early Registration:


As we start preparing for some great events still to come for our 2019 Jr. Eagles season, we also are preparing for our 2020 Season. That starts with our Early Open Registration. This gives you 2 advantages of signing up early...a $25 discount is applied for each registration and you get your chance to lock in your spot for next year as we are only allowing players and cheerleaders to a maximum of 30 on each team. This is only for 2019 Jr. Eagles returning families.

We will be holding two (2) Early Open Registrations. One will be on Thursday, October 17th and second one on Tuesday, October 24th both dates from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. Location for October 17th will be at Dake Jr. High School Cafeteria. Location for October 24th will be at Iroquois Middle School Cafeteria. Attached you will find a registration packet that will need to be filled out. The 1st page also displays the discounted prices. We will have forms at registration if needed. Reminder...families with three or more players/cheerleaders registered for the Junior Eagles in the same season will also receive a $25/per child discount for all for all registration fees for that family. Registration Fees is valid thru 10/24/19 – Requires minimum 50% of the registration fee.


Junior Eagles Picture Day:

You should see the pictures you ordered witin 3-4 weeks.

Team Parents:

Your Jr. Eagles Cheer Team Parents are:

A Cheer: Alex Croll and Julie Chapman

B Cheer: Amy Coniglio

C Cheer: Kathleen Maier and Jen Cantabene

Flag Cheer: Amber Adams and Anne Arrowhead


2019 Cheer Competitions


Saturday, October 19th : AYFCL Competition - Location TBD.


Remaining 2019 Game Schedule


Sunday, October 20th: Home vs Northwest

Sunday, October 27th: Away vs Pittsford

Sunday, November 3rd: Home vs Hilton

Sunday, November 10th: Championship Games for B & C only


Game Snacks: Your Team Parents will notify you of the snack schedule for each game. Again, it is your responsibility to make sure the kids get their snacks and find replacement when needed.

IHS Stadium Home Game Turf Rules:  Since we will be playing on the IHS Eagles turf - there are very specific rules we have to follow:

·       Water only (no colored or sugar based drinks)

·       No seeds, food or snacks on the turf

·       Only players, Coaches, Board members and necessary game volunteers are allowed on the fields

Weather Reminder:

·       In the case of thunder AND lightning, as well as extreme heat, the Executive Board will make decisions about delaying or cancelling a practice.

·       If the delay/cancel is before practice begins, we will communicate via social media. If a delay occurs during practice, all players and spectators will go to their cars and wait. Do not leave until instructed to. Attendance is taken before and after. There is a 30 minute “all-clear” window we must abide by, so sometimes delays can be lengthy or could cause a cancel.

·       If the delay/cancel is due to extreme heat, instructions will be driven by NYSPHSAA guidelines.

·       All weather-related issues will also be reported real-time on the Main Jr. Eagles Facebook page. It is the quickest, most readily available tool we use.

To keep yourself up to date, please use our website and view all the tabs for updated information.

Informational Facebook Pages

Make sure to find us on Facebook on the following pages below if you are not part of our Junior Eagles Family (Click on that Facebook Page)

Irondequoit Junior Eagles Youth Football and Cheerleading

Junior Eagles Cheer

Jr. Eagles A Team

Junior Eagles B Team Cheer

Irondequoit Junior Eagles C Team Cheer

Irondequoit Junior Eagles Flag Cheer


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Alia Rivera - Cheer Coordinator: