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***Signup Process for the 2021 Season Participation Duties***



The Irondequoit Junior Eagles is a non-profit organization run solely by unpaid volunteers.  This allows parents or guardians to participate in a fun and exciting season.  In order to ensure the season, competitions and all games run smoothly, we require parent assistance for many critical in season roles.  In order to ensure this is completed, all families are required to pay a $50 deposit, per family. Each family will be required to fulfill 2-4 participating activities per season depending on overall participation for the season. Upon completion of the season when uniforms are turned back in, the $50 deposit will be refunded, or can be rolled over towards next season. Any missed participating responsibilities will result in full forfeiture of the participation deposit. No uniforms will be handed out until all registration and participation fee are paid in full.

Please note:  If you participate during your child’s game, it is very possible that you will not be able to watch your child cheer or play.  Parents may choose to participate during other team’s games.  Please do not bring children with you when you participate. All participants must be over the age of 18.  No children under the age of 18 will be allowed to fulfill any parent participant obligations.

It is your responsibility to check the web site, on a regular basis, as there may be revisions after the initial schedule is released, and know when you are scheduled.  If you do not fulfill your assigned job, your full deposit will be forfeited.  (Note:  Full deposits will be forfeited if you miss ANY participation assignment).  You are also responsible for finding a replacement once the final scheduled is approved. This is not the responsibility of the Family Participation Coordinator, the Team Parent, the Coach or the Board of Directors.

Once you have paid your Registration in full you will receive a separate email directing you to the Participation Schedule where you will schedule yourself for 3 duties. Please review the participation positions list before selecting your 3 choices. If you do not complete this step at the close of Registration the Family Participation Coordinator will schedule you for whichever games/duties remain.

Thank you!

Role Description Notes
50/50 Raffle Two people needed to walk around, home side and visitor's side, to sell 50/50 raffle.  Home games only. The role requires walking around both sides of the field to sell raffle tickets for the first half of the game to which you are assigned.




Stationed in the booth above the field.  Responsible to introduce the cheerleaders and football players at the start of the game, provide a lively description of the action during the game and work with the spotter to announce the players making the play.  Home games only. Announcer and Spotter are two separate roles.
Banquet Team Help the banquet coordinator to organize the year-end banquet, sell tickets, get prize donations, and make everything run smoothly during the banquet.  
Chains Four volunteers to hold the chains on the sidelines via instructions from referees.  Home games only. These volunteers will be stationed on the opponents side of the field and will "run" the chains and downs box for the entirety of the game.
Clean-up after B game Clean up after the game.  Includes cleaning up the field and stands.  Home games only.  
Garbage Two people needed to empty garbage cans at the end of each game.  Collect trash from grounds and stands.  Home games only.  
Head Coach
Assistant Coach
Coach or assist the coach with weekly practices and games.  Certification is provided and paid for by the Jr. Eagles.  You must submit coach's application to the Executive Board before February.  
Monitor One per game to monitor the number of plays each player has per half.  Work with volunteers from the opposing team to check off 5 plays per half for each player on the monitor sheet.  This is for both home and away games. This is a critical role and MUST be in attendance at EVERY game - including away games.  If a monitor is not provided, or if records are not accurately kept, it could result in a forfeit of the game for the Vikings.  You will be stationed on the opponents sideline for the entirety of the game.
Set-up before C/Flag Game Approximate arrival is 8:00am on game day to set up the field and stands.  Home games only.  
Team Parent Coordinate communication between board, coaches and parents.  Create a half-time schedule for snacks.  Help, as needed with other team related activities.  
Timekeeper Starts/Stops the clock via the referees hand motion on the field from the announcer's booth.  Watch the game closely, along with the spotter, for out of bounds plays, time outs, etc.  Home games only.  
Videographer Opportunity for the talented to videotape games for the coaches, Yearbook, and the slideshow at the banquet, done from the announcer's booth/sidelines.  
Eagles Board Member Roles include:  President, Vice President, Registrar, Treasurer, Secretary, Cheerleading Coordinator, Football Coordinator, Participation Coordinator, Merchandise Coordinator, Medic Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Equipment Manager. Board positions may be available.  Each position entails a 2 year commitment to the role.  If interested please make note and you will be contacted.