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Irondequoit Junior Eagles Fundraising



Local Good



We have teamed up with "Local Good Fundraising" to help us raise money through the sale of locally made products. Please ask friends and family to order on the brochure you received or via the online store. To register and order online go to: localgood.shop/register. Select group name "Irondequoit Junior Eagles Football". 

NOTE: Due to COVID 19, ZAP-A-SNACK has limited their production to just Pepperoni Pizza. If you wish to purchase ZAP Pepperoni, you can do so on the online store, or by adding it to the order form as item #364 at the price of $20.

All families are required to participate in our annual Fundraiser.  This Fundraiser will begin at the first Equipment Pickup day. All completed orders and buyouts must be submitted NO LATER than Tuesday, August 24th at practice.

Order pick up date is Tuesday, September 21st. All products will need to be picked up during practice on this day. 

All families will be required to sell 15 items per child, for the first two children they have registered in the organization. There is a max of 40 items for families over 2 children.

If you choose NOT to sell the Local Good items, a buyout is available.  The buyout is $125/per child for the first two children($250) and $50 for each child thereafter.

Participants that sell the most items and raise the most funds will win great prizes. Top Seller $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50

Every child/family is required to participate in our fundraising. 

Both in person and online orders will be delivered Tuesday, September 21st from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. All food items will be delivered frozen, so please plan for quick distribution after pick up. If you are unable to pick these up on the scheduled date, please make arrangements for another family to pick up your items in your behalf.



Recycle Your Bottles and Cans

(Optional & Encouraged)

We have an account setup with Ridge Nickelback, bottle and can redemption center 4389 Culver Rd, Rochester NY – (Next door to Parkside Diner).  It’s fast and super easy.

Just tell the attendant that your deposit money is being donated to the Irondequoit Junior Eagles Football and Cheer Program.
Our account number is S7.